Common Legal Problems for Single Parents

When parents divorce, they face a slew of potential problems when dividing their marital assets and creating a parenting plan that gives them equal time with their children. However, there are quite a few legal problems for single parents who decide to not get married as well. They still have to determine where their child will live, the circumstances of their visitation, and how they will divide expenses related to the child.

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Legal Struggles That Single Parents Encounter

Some of the most challenging legal battles single parents face, include:

  • Having equal parental rights. Ohio affords equal parental rights to both parents, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – until you are co-parenting with someone who wants to exercise their rights to make you suffer.
  • Child custody issues. Unmarried parents can face just as many custody problems as parents who are going through a divorce. In fact, a single mother is automatically given full physical and legal custody until the court orders otherwise. Fathers have no rights to care for or even see their children until a judge awards them. This helplessness can be intensified if the father has a volatile relationship with the mother as she may do her best to keep the children away from their father for as long as possible.
  • Battles over child support. Like custody, the issue of child support is not just a problem for divorced parents. Single moms and dads often fight for child support. Support payments can be taken from a parent’s paycheck, but even that arrangement isn’t always foolproof. For instance, a parent may leave that job and refuse to work, which could put their support contributions to a halt.
  • Having joint legal custody. Like equal parenting rights, joint legal custody can be a source of constant frustration for the parent who has physical custody of the child. It can be infuriating to have to consider the opinion of the other parent if that parent doesn’t have much of a relationship with their child.

If you find yourself facing one of the above legal situations, you should reach out to an experienced attorney for help today.

Contact an Ohio Family Law Attorney to Explore Your Options

Legal problems for single parents can be challenging and painful. Emotions can get even more out of control if you and your child’s other parent don’t get along. Nevertheless, custody and support issues are something you and your child’s other parent will have to face. If you find yourself in this situation, you should contact a child custody lawyer about your case. Our lawyers can help negotiate terms with the court and act as your primary point of contact so you can avoid encounters with your child’s other parent.

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