Documents You Need for a Personal Injury Claim

A successful injury claim is built on solid documentation that details your accident, where it occurred, the injuries you suffered, and most importantly, the compensation you need to recover financially.

Here are the documents you’ll need to prepare your claim.

Police Reports

When the police arrive at the scene of an injury-causing accident, they will make a report detailing the essential facts. These reports are considered public records, so they are easily accessible.

Police will document witness information and evidence collected from the accident scene. Your attorney can use this information to pursue leads and build a compelling case regarding what happened.

Incident Reports for Workers’ Comp Claims

If your accident occurred at your workplace or other business premises, there would likely be an incident report. However, this is only true if the accident was reported to management. Like a police report, the incident report contains information your attorney can use to establish fault.

It is also essential to submit past accident reports while working with the same employer. This helps raise any safety issues or violations your employer should be cited for.

Accident Witness Statements

Witness accounts will help to establish how the accident occurred. Any witness statements must be recorded immediately after the accident to ensure accuracy. The longer it takes to gather a witness statement, the more information gets lost.

Witness statements can come from different sources, including law enforcement agencies at the scene of the accident or the parties involved. Your attorney may also work with expert witnesses to recreate the accident and establish fault based on the reports.

Photos of the Accident Scene

Photos help show the effect of the accident and could even reveal its cause. If you can, take pictures of the scene of the accident. Include photos of specific damage as well as the overall scene. Take pictures of your injuries, environmental conditions, the location, and anything else relevant to your case.

Your Statement & Treatment Journals

These should include your treatment records, injury diary, and any documentation of your injuries, such as photos and your statement. You may also want to present your medical history. This is vital for establishing the connection between your injuries and the accident.

An independent medical report may also be prepared. This report will provide an overview of your injuries and prognosis. It gives an expert view of the impact of your injuries.

Medical Bills & Other Expenses

You must prove your losses to obtain compensation. Medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage, and other associated expenses reveal how much your injuries have impacted your life financially.

Let an Ohio Injury Lawyer Help You Recover

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