Motorcycle Awareness Month

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This May represents another Motorcycle Awareness Month, which was designed by safety advocates to help bring awareness to the dangers associated with motorcycle riding. Specifically, Motorcycle Awareness Month encourages bikers and drivers alike to peacefully share the road with each other. The personal injury attorneys at Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA work adamantly to protect the rights of those on the road. If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash, contact an attorney today at (419) 625-7770.

Motorcycle Riding Can Be Dangerous

There has been a rise in motorcycle deaths over the last two decades, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Motorcycle riding remains an incredibly dangerous activity. Only two years – 2009 and 2014 – saw a decrease in motorcycle deaths and injuries from the previous year. Otherwise, motorcycle deaths have consistently been on the rise throughout the United States.

Officials in Ohio are optimistic, however. With enough public outreach and engagement, many believe that the roads ultimately will be safer for everyone, and motorcycle deaths will begin to fall.

Ohio Motorcycle Awareness

In Ohio, motorcycle crashes continue to destroy lives and cause major injuries. The good news is that people are doing something about it. On May 14, 2016, the American Motorcyclist Association teamed up with the Ohio Department of Public Safety to host “Motorcycle Ohio” in Columbus as an effort to raise awareness for helmet usage, rider education, and reducing the number of fatalities on the road.

Additionally, a group of bikers has teamed together to help educate other motorcyclists and the public about how to improve safety while on the road. This May, the Ohio chapter of American Bikers Aimed Towards Education (ABATE) kicked off their Motorcycle Awareness Rally with great fanfare. Just last year, Governor John Kasich officially proclaimed May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. Groups like ABATE are focused on both improving their image among the public and heightening other drivers’ awareness that motorcyclists have rights on the right as well.

Get Your Helmet On

The statistics show that a rise in helmet use has been one of the most successful results of increasing motorcycle safety awareness. For example:

  • The use of DOT-compliant motorcycle helmets has risen dramatically, up to 64 percent in recent years, according to the National Occupant Protection Use Survey (NOPUS).
  • Helmet use among motorcyclists on highways has also risen dramatically, up to 81 percent.
  • Additionally, fewer bikers are using non-compliant helmets.

Even if You Don’t Ride a Motorcycle, You Can Help

It’s important to realize that passenger car drivers are often the individuals at-fault in motorcycle accidents, but everyone needs to do better. People driving passenger cars are typically distracted over 50 percent of the time, according to NHTSA-funded research. People should never operate a motor vehicle if distracted – the results can be catastrophic. Passenger drivers must share the road and remain vigilant.

With smaller vehicles, such as motorcycles, often the failure for a driver to properly use a vehicle’s rear-view mirror and side-view mirror factors into accidents. If side-view mirrors are not properly adjusted, 40 percent of a vehicle’s outer perimeter may be hidden in blind spots.

Tips for Drivers

  • Allow motorcyclists full lane widths. While it may seem like there’s enough room in a single lane for both you and a motorcycle, this often proves to be tragic decision-making, as sharing the lane results in a motorcyclists’ inability to maneuver safely.
  • Always check for motorcyclists in your mirrors and blind spots before switching to another lane when driving.
  • Always signal before changing lanes or merging. This helps motorcyclists anticipate your move and react.
  • Allow a little extra distance when driving behind a motorcycle. This will give him or her better time to make a maneuver or stop in the case of an emergency.

Motorcycles and Alcohol – A Lethal Combo

Drivers must also be mindful that motorcyclists drive intoxicated more often than regular drivers. In fact, 64 percent of motorcyclists killed in single-vehicle accidents on weekend nights had BACs of .08 or higher, according to the NHTSA. While this is, of course, solely the fault of the intoxicated rider, drivers of other motor vehicles should remain extra careful in avoiding accidents with riders after 6 p.m. on weekends. While motorcyclists must fix the problem of drinking and biking, the public should remain cautious of motorcyclists operating in a wild and intoxicated state, especially at night.

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