Ohio Workplace Accidents Due to a Lack of Training

Training in how to properly and safely use the equipment, machinery, and tools is essential because workplace accidents due to a lack of training are all too common. If you were injured on the job because someone did not follow safety procedures or handling equipment carelessly, you should talk with a workers’ compensation attorney. You may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

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Safety Training, Education, and Equipment

Many industries are inherently dangerous. For example, workers in warehouses must lift heavy objects and operate forklifts. Construction workers lift heavy materials, use power tools, and work at heights.

These workers face the risks of strain, back injuries, vehicle accidents, being pinned by objects, slip and falls, and falls from heights. To combat the risk of accidents, injuries, and deaths, employers must provide training, education, and proper equipment.

  • Safety Training: To reduce the risk of accidents, every worker must be thoroughly trained in the safety procedures necessary to work with their equipment, machines, tools, and materials. They should also be trained in the safety protocols for when they need to perform certain tasks. For example, if they need to check a large machine, there are lockout procedures regarding how to shut off the energy source and reduce the risk of electric shock or electrocution.
  • Safety Education: Businesses must couple training with education. Workers should be made aware of the risks associated with their work environment and equipment, including the risk of falls from heights, slip and falls, fires, explosions, hazardous material exposure, asbestos, flammable materials, electrocution, vehicle accidents, and getting caught in/by the equipment. Workers should be informed of the risks and the importance of safety procedures.
  • Safety Equipment: In addition to safety training and education, workers also must have the appropriate personal safety equipment. Employers should provide the necessary equipment and require workers to own and wear certain clothing or equipment, such as a hard helmet, steel-toed boots, or goggles.

Businesses that fail to inform and train their workers not only do them a disservice; they also may be negligent and violating health and safety regulations. They increase the risk of workers performing tasks in an unsafe manner, which can lead to serious and fatal workplace injuries.

Supervision, Discipline, and Recordkeeping

Businesses do not fulfill their responsibilities by providing a minimum amount of training. Employers are responsible for ensuring their trained workers adhere to the safety procedures and protocols and maintain a safe environment.

Employers must utilize trusted supervisors to watch over employees, discipline careless workers, and maintain records of safety violations. Businesses should place workers who violate safety procedures and protocols on probation and offer additional education and training, and when appropriate, dismiss careless workers to protect other employees’ health and safety.

Businesses that fail to prioritize safety increase the risk of workers not adhering to safety procedures and the risk of serious and fatal accidents.

Common Workplace Accidents Due to Lack of Training

Safety procedures are essential in some industries. Because of the differences among industries and job positions, certain types of accidents arise because of a lack of proper safety training more than others.

Some common workplaces accidents that arise due to improper training include:

Workplace Injuries and Deaths in Ohio

In 2017, Ohio had 174 fatal work injuries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This was an increase from the previous year, but below the state’s all-time high of 222 fatalities in 1999. The same year, Ohio has 116,800 recordable cases of non-fatal injuries and illnesses.

The reasons behind these injuries and deaths vary. But in 2015, a lack of proper safety training was a clear cause of the rising injury and fatality rates. “As many Baby Boomers retire and industries hire inexperienced workers, the need for safety training, instruction, and supervision are significant,” Cincinnati-area OSHA Director Bill Wilkerson told Dayton Daily News.

It is a burden for companies to provide job and safety training, but an essential task, nonetheless.

Talk with an Ohio Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you were hurt on the job, talk with Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co., LPA, about filing a workers’ compensation claim. You do not have to prove your employer or coworker was negligent. You are entitled to workers’ comp benefits as long as you were injured in the course of your employment or from a risk arising out of your employment.

Adrienne M. Hines and Victor Kademenos are Certified Specialists in Workers’ Compensation Law, meaning we have specific training recognized by the Ohio Bar Association.

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