What are My Options for Divorce in Ohio

Ending a marriage is a difficult time for everyone, especially if children are involved. Divorce in Ohio affords a few options for people to consider, and knowing what they are in advance may help lessen the emotional and financial pain.

When spouses are unable to resolve the issues that come with any divorce, the proceedings may be drawn out, costing more money and creating a great deal of heartache. The Sandusky family law attorneys at Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co., LPA can help you understand your best option for divorce in Ohio and how to reduce the negative impact on your life. Our experienced divorce attorneys will explain how the process works, what you can expect, and how to secure the best possible outcome.

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Divorce in Ohio

Under Ohio law, there are basically four options to end a marriage. But to choose any of them, you must be meet certain jurisdictional criteria. To be eligible for a divorce in Ohio, you must have lived in the state at least six months and at least 90 days in the county you wish to file in.

Traditional Divorce

To pursue a divorce in Ohio, you are required to state the grounds or reason for ending the marriage. Most often, couples use incompatibility, which is a “no-fault” reason as long as both parties agree. But there may be instances where you will have to prove your spouse was at-fault for the divorce, perhaps due to adultery or abandonment.

A traditional divorce is typically necessary if the couple has considerable assets or debts, and can’t agree on how to divide them. It may also be the best option if there are difficult decisions to be made regarding child custody and support.

Keep in mind, however, that a divorce is typically more expensive and lengthier.


For couples who have agreed to end the marriage and can work together to settle property division and child custody issues, a dissolution might be the best option. While a couple could agree to settle their differences prior to filing for the dissolution, having an attorney to help mediate and form an agreement is usually a wise choice.

Because the parties must agree to most of the issues that can complicate the end of a marriage, dissolution is usually quicker and less expensive than a divorce.

Legal Separation

There may be circumstances where a couple decides to remain legally married, but live separate and apart. This is called a “legal separation,” and it means agreeing on dividing assets, paying debts, and child custody issues. This agreement will then filed with the family court. Having experienced counsel assist in drafting a legal separation is essential so that nothing is overlooked.


You may be familiar with the term annulment, but not entirely sure what it means. In Ohio, if you qualify for an annulment, the court will find that you never had a legally valid marriage. It will be as if it never took place. Understandably, the bar is very high to be granted an annulment. The court will examine the circumstances of the marriage to determine if it occurred under duress, was fraudulent, or you never consummated it through sexual intercourse.

Annulments are fairly rare, but if you believe an annulment may be viable, you must talk to an attorney about your chances of successfully ending your marriage with this option.

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