Questions to Ask Your Doctor After a Work Injury

We go to work to support ourselves and our families. Sometimes, however, we get injured on the job and are left with hefty medical bills and lost wages. Fortunately, work injuries are covered under Ohio workers’ compensation laws so you can receive monetary benefits and move forward with your life. Before filing a workers’ compensation claim, however, it’s essential to visit a doctor and seek treatment for your injury. By asking a physician the following questions, you can ensure you collect the right type of benefits and are compensated fairly for your injury.

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What to Ask the Doctor After a Work Injury

The answers to these questions can help you determine the extent of your injury and how it will affect your present life and future needs. With this information, a work injury lawyer can assist you in filing a proper claim.

What is my injury?

While you may self-diagnose yourself with certain harm, your diagnosis is irrelevant until a doctor confirms it or informs you that your injury is different than what you thought it was. Ask your physician to explain your injury in great detail, so you know exactly what you’re facing.

Will my injury lead to future problems?

Minor injuries often heal in a few days, weeks, or months. The symptoms of more serious harm, however, can persist for years. Find out how your injury will affect your future. Will you require rehabilitation for the rest of your life? Will you have to take a certain medication for an extended period of time?

When can I return to work?

Your doctor should inform you of whether or not you are in a condition to return to work. Depending on the nature of your injury, they may state that you can resume work right away or after a few days of rest. If your injury is severe, they may encourage you to take a few weeks or even months off of work.

Can I perform the same job again?

Some injuries prevent Ohio workers from returning to work in the same capacity. This means you may not be able to keep your position and require vocational training so that you can earn money performing another job. Your doctor should explain whether or not you can return to work and continue the duties you had before your injury.

What is my treatment plan?

Once your doctor understands your injury, ask them what they have in mind for treatment. Will you need to take certain over-the-counter or prescription drugs? Is surgery required? Do you need physical therapy? Make sure you understand exactly what’s required to get you back into your normal condition.

Can I have copies of my medical records?

It’s important to obtain copies of your medical records so you can share them with your work injury lawyer and have proof that you are, indeed, injured. Your doctor should have no problem giving you copies of your records as long as you ask.

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