$500,000 Settlement For Beryllium Disease Worker’s Compensation Claim

Posted in: by Victor Kademenos

Not long ago, the skilled Ohio worker’s compensation lawyer Victor Kademenos assisted a man, who was diagnosed with beryllium disease when dealing with the cost and complexities of his treatment became too much to bear alone. The man’s illness was attributed to beryllium exposure while working as a government contractor and caused him to suffer from severe respiratory problems and a host of other health issues that made him unable to continue working. Additionally, these serious health concerns required intensive and prolonged medical treatment, which resulted in staggering medical bills, totaling approximately $500,000. With no source of income and his expenses becoming insurmountable, he was unsure of where to turn and sought the veteran legal counsel of Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA, who has extensive experience with cases involving worker’s compensation as well as beryllium liability.

Attorney Victor Kademenos took the man’s case and set to work to get him the maximum compensation available. By utilizing his wide-ranging knowledge of worker’s compensation law, attorney Kademenos successfully filed for his client’s permanent and total disability. It also became apparent that it would be advantageous for his client to pursue a lump sum settlement because if the claim is paid over time, the man’s social security benefits would be reduced; however, if he received a one-time payment, his benefits would not be affected. Furthermore, in an effort to alleviate his client’s massive medical debt, Kademenos discovered a federal program intended to pay for the medical costs for those exposed to toxic beryllium through government work. Since his client developed his illness through a federal contract, Kademenos coordinated with the program administrators, who ultimately absorbed the man’s total medical debt. In the end, and due to attorney Kademenos’ thorough and aggressive representation, the claim settled for $500,000, which did not impact his social security benefits, and perhaps more significantly his client’s total medical debt was wiped clear, allowing him to sufficiently plan for his long-term treatment without needless financial stress.

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