College Student‘s Future Protected After Fatal Accident

Posted in: by Adrienne Hines

A college student in his 20s from northwest Ohio was involved in a motorized vehicle incident. Our client was accused of being under the influence, causing the tragic death of his friend. Sandusky criminal defense lawyer Adrienne Hines was hired to protect his future and was determined to see that this accident did not define him from a financial standpoint for the rest of his life.

The insurance company was looking to pin the damages from the accident on our client, with millions of dollars in personal injury. We were able to convince the federal bankruptcy judge that the debt was dischargeable; therefore, it was no longer under his responsibility to pay. Hines was successful in going up against the insurance company in bankruptcy court. She argued vigorously and was able to prove that it was simply a tragic accident rather than him being under the influence at the time. The insurance company could not levy his wages and his future was secured.

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