Firefighter Receives Permanent Total Disability After Breaking Glasses In Fire

Posted in: by Victor Kademenos

A 50-year-old firefighter filed a workers’ compensation claim after his glasses were damaged in response to a fire in the Mansfield area. He sustained minor injuries, breaking his glasses beyond repair. However, the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation was unwilling to pay for a new pair. The man made a call to Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA

After speaking with his client, Sandusky workers’ compensation attorney Victor Kademenos realized there was another serious area of concern beyond him only receiving new glasses. The man had developed pulmonary issues and was diagnosed with histoplasmosis – a serious bacteria affecting the lungs. It was apparent that he had developed the infection while putting out fires in barns and breathing in airborne spores. What could have been a straight-forward workers’ compensation claim was now a serious and complicated case.

Attorney Kademenos was bound and determined to get his client new glasses and compensation for his recent diagnosis. At the completion of this case, our client was successfully awarded permanent and total disability. He received far more than just a pair of glasses like he had originally anticipated.

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