Man Receives Settlement Exceeding $500,000 In Workers’ Compensation Case

Posted in: by Victor Kademenos

A man in his late 40s sustained serious brain injuries and partial paralysis after being involved in a horrific motor vehicle accident. Several years later, the man began improving and was strong enough to return back to work. In an attempt to settle his claim, he made a demand of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for $35,000. However, he was only offered a limited amount of $3,500. The man came into our Sandusky office looking for sound legal advice. Upon meeting with his client, workers’ compensation attorney Victor Kademenos knew he should be awarded so much more than the bureau was offering him.

As a result of the accident, our client began developing post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Kademenos was able to secure a partial impairment award of over $20,000. While working with the man, Kademenos further evaluated his condition and noticed paralysis of his arm and hand with loss of feeling in his foot. The bureau, again, was unwilling to settle our demands for loss of use of his hand and foot. However, attorney Kademenos did not take no for an answer. A renowned neurologist in the area examined our client and revealed that his brain injury physically impaired his limbs. The bureau then awarded our client $110,000 for loss of use of his arm and likewise, another $110,000 for loss of use of his foot.

Under the workers’ compensation law, the loss of use of two body parts entitled our client to statutory permanent total disability for the remainder of his life. Under Kademenos legal guidance and knowledge, he successfully argued this – awarding him weekly benefits for the remainder of his life. We successfully settled for an amount well exceeding $500,000 for our client, and over the original demand of $35,000.

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