Stricter Enforcement of Ottawa County and Port Clinton DUIs

When driving in Ottawa County and Port Clinton, Ohio, you need to be confident that you belong behind the wheel. Officers have become particularly vigilant for impaired driving, in part because of the risk of DUI crashes and fatalities. If your driving gives an officer reasonable suspicion that you have been drinking or taking drugs, you can bet you will be pulled over and questioned.

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DUI Stops Were up at the Start of 2019

Across Ohio, the number of deadly car accidents fell in 2018. However, Ottawa County had a slight increase that year with five fatal traffic crashes compared to four in 2017. Two of the accidents were related to drunk driving.

Additionally, from January through the beginning of February 2019, the number of DUI traffic stops in Ottawa County increased compared to the same time in 2018, the Port Clinton News Herald reported. At the time, law enforcement had already conducted eight OVI stops compared to three at the beginning of last year.

State and Local Police Focus on Drunk Driving Hot Spot

Officers are on the lookout for drunk driving throughout the state. However, certain areas seem to see more DUIs and DUI-related accidents than others. One such location is on Ohio 53, approximately one-half mile north of Kline Road. Since 2016, there have been 21 crashes related to drunk or drugged driving, and 111 OVI arrests within three miles of that location, the Port Clinton News Herald reported.

Because of the high rate of impaired driving in the area, in May 2019, officers held a two-hour checkpoint. One driver was arrested for an OVI, from the 265 vehicles that drove through the checkpoint.

Sobriety Checkpoints are Legal in Ohio

Instead of relying on observations of moving vehicles, a checkpoint enables police to stop all vehicles – or certain vehicles based on a predetermined formula – to improve the likelihood of spotting intoxicated drivers.

DUI checkpoints are allowed in Ohio. Generally, however, such checkpoints should follow these guidelines:

  • A checkpoint location must be safe and visible to drivers
  • There must be sufficient warning signs of the checkpoint
  • There must be an adequate amount of visible, uniformed officers
  • Policy-making administrative officers must predetermine the location, time, and procedures – and must determine these factors based on neutral criteria

In other words, as a driver, you have to be able to see that you are approaching an official roadblock, and the procedures the officers use to stop vehicles must be predetermined and objective to avoid discrimination.

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