Vocational Rehabilitation

Most people want to work and live a fulfilling, productive lifestyle where they can enjoy a career and get compensated for their efforts. However, sometimes a workplace injury can get in the way of one’s desire to pursue a career and provide for themselves and their family.

If you’ve been injured at work in Ohio, your employer may be required to pay for the vocational rehabilitation that can help you safely return to work. Vocational rehab programs will cater to your specific needs and work environment. By taking advantage of vocational rehab early on in the claim process, you can increase your chances of a faster recovery which will benefit both you and your employer.

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How Vocational Rehabilitation Works

Vocational rehabilitation involves managed care organizations or MCOs. MCOs will work with you and your employer to find unique ways that will make it possible for you to remain at work or return to work. MCOs may coordinate the following interventions:

  • Supplying you with assistive tools or changing your work responsibilities
  • Creating supervised programs aimed at allowing you to gradually increase your hours or activity level
  • Providing you with progressive work-site therapy through transitional work programs
  • Finding you a job in a different industry or capacity if necessary

To qualify for vocational rehab, you will need a referral from your doctor, lawyer, or yourself. Once you apply for vocational rehab, your situation will be thoroughly examined to determine whether you will actually benefit from this program.

Fortunately, there is no time limit for a vocational rehabilitation program. As long as you are cooperative with your vocational plan and counselor, you can continue to receive benefits from the insurance company. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can answer your questions about vocational rehabilitation. Call today at (419) 625-7770 or contact us online.

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