What You Should Know About the BWC Wellness Program

Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) introduced a workplace wellness program called “Better You, Better Ohio!” in early 2018. The purpose of the program is improve employee health and reduce workplace injuries, which in turn reduces employer expenses related to poor worker health and injury claims.

The Ohio BWC wellness program, which hopes to improve worker health and reduce the pressure placed on the workers’ compensation system, does not impact workers’ compensation claims. Whether or not an employee participates in the program cannot affect whether their workers’ comp claim is approved or denied, or what benefits they may be able to obtain.

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What Employers Need to Know About the Ohio BWC Wellness Program

Better You, Better Ohio! targets specific industries and workers who are particularly at risk for accident-related injuries and work-related medical conditions. The program is for businesses with 50 or fewer workers in high-risk industries, including:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive repair and service
  • Construction
  • Firefighters
  • Health care
  • Manufacturing
  • Police and public safety
  • Public employers
  • Restaurant and food service
  • Transportation and trucking
  • Trash collection
  • Wholesale and retail

The BWC program is free. There are no costs associated with workplaces utilizing the program. It is even paperless to make it easier for employers and employees to participate.

Business with too many employees or in a low-risk industry are not eligible to implement Better You, Better Ohio! However, there may be other employee wellness options they can provide for their workers that would also ultimately reduce their costs. Business may also be eligible to apply for a wellness grant through the BWC to help it implement a wellness program.

How the BWC Wellness Program Can Help Employers

Businesses may wonder if it is worth it to introduce this program to their employees and encourage them to participate. If the employees of a business participate and move toward their health and wellness goals, then fewer of these employees are likely to be hurt or develop work-related medical conditions. If workers are hurt, however, their injuries may be less severe. In turn, this means employees miss fewer days of work, and when they do need some time off, they recover faster.

What Ohio Workers Need to Know

Ohio workers in high-risk industries working for companies with 50 or few employees can join the BWC wellness program, as long as their employers do not offer a different wellness program. Better You, Better Ohio! is free and voluntary.

Through the Ohio BWC wellness program, which has partnered with ActiveHealth Management, workers can obtain:

  • Health education and training
  • Health assessments
  • Biometric screenings
  • Online tracking tools
  • Website and mobile app
  • Digital coaching

By utilizing all of these tools, workers can reach their health and well-being goals, which in turn may lead to financial rewards.

Were You Hurt at Work?

If you were injured in a workplace accident or developed a work-related medical condition, you should speak with a workers’ comp attorney from Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA. We will review your situation and help you through the workers’ comp claim process. We will make sure you receive all of the benefits you deserve under the law, and that your employer does not try to influence the outcome of your claim based on your participation or lack thereof in a wellness program.

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