Who is at Fault in a Winter Weather Car Accident?

Snow and ice may be nice to look at from your kitchen window, however, snowy and icy roads may be very dangerous when you’re behind the wheel. If you are involved in a winter weather car accident, you may be wondering whether you can blame the road conditions.

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How is Fault Determined in a Winter Weather Crash?

After a winter weather car accident, it may be tempting to blame the weather. After all, it’s not your fault the roads were snowy, or there was black ice in the parking lot. The unfortunate reality is that you cannot blame a car crash on the weather.

Laws and insurance companies state that it is the responsibility of drivers to control their vehicles regardless of the weather conditions. When there’s a snowstorm outside or the roads are particularly icy, you must take extra precautions to travel safely. If you believe that the roads are too dangerous for you to drive on, you should stay home or find an alternative method of transportation.

Despite what drivers may believe, slick roads and poor weather are rarely the causes of accidents. In most cases, drivers fail to take the appropriate precautions necessary to drive safely in the winter, and crashes are often the result of this behavior.

Tips to Prevent Winter Weather Car Accidents

There are a number of ways you can keep yourself and other motorists on the road safe and prevent winter weather car accidents. Our Ohio car accident lawyers recommend the following tips for safe winter driving:

  • Prepare your vehicle – Prior to driving in snowy conditions, be sure to inspect your battery, install new wiper blades, add antifreeze, and invest in winter tires.
  • Check road and weather conditions – Before going out on a winter day, check the road and weather conditions so you know what to expect. You may want to leave early or take a different route than you normally do to avoid an icy bridge or another hazard.
  • Clear your vehicle – It is unsafe to drive with snow and ice all over your vehicle. Remove it from the trunk, hood, and roof so that you have optimal visibility while in the driver’s seat.
  • Drive slowly – Speed limits are designed for when the weather is optimal. When driving in the winter, drive slowly so you have enough time to react in an emergency situation.
  • Increase following distance – Many winter weather car accidents arise because motorists drive too closely to the cars in front of them. You’ll need extra space to avoid a crash if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, making it important to increase your following distance.

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