Why Is Trial Experience So Important in Personal Injury Cases?

Most personal injury cases settle. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, as many as 96% of injury claims settle out of court. Despite this, it is important to work with an attorney who has trial experience to go through the insurance claims process.

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Why Is Trial Experience Important?

Although most personal injury cases settle out of court, many require an attorney to file a lawsuit first. The insurance company that is financially liable for paying compensation often won’t take you seriously until you file a lawsuit. Insurance companies often make low-ball offers that don’t even cover your medical bills until they’re shown that you mean business.

By filing a lawsuit, you are saying that you’re ready to engage in the entire personal injury process. That includes extensive discovery, expert testimony, and aggressive negotiations.

You need an attorney who has trial experience so the insurance company knows you will go to trial, if necessary. Trials can take time and resources, so the insurance company will likely want to avoid it. However, we need to keep that threat in our back pocket in case they refuse to make a fair settlement offer. As a result, you should work with a lawyer with the resources and skill to contend with any insurance company and their extensive legal teams.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Process

The personal injury lawsuit process can be complex. You need to work with an attorney who understands injury lawsuits and can navigate the process easily.

Filing a Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit requires specific wording that specifies who was negligent and how. If you fail to name all of the parties and lay out how they are negligent, your case may be thrown out before the trial even begins.


After you file a personal injury lawsuit, your lawyer will have to use their experience to prepare for trial. A primary endeavor in preparing for trial is engaging in discovery.

Discovery is a process where both sides ask questions of one another and request evidence. Both sides might ask for medical records, bills, and more from the other side. The goal of discovery is to find out what evidence each side has to support their cases.

We have to be careful how much information we provide through discovery. You will want to work with an attorney who knows how to give careful and purposeful answers that will prove your case but not give too much information.

Pre-Trial Motions

Before you get to trial, your attorney will need to file several motions that require in-depth knowledge of your case and the trial process. You might need to file a Motion for Summary Judgment, which asks for an immediate decision on the case, or a Motion to Extend Time, if you need additional time for the discovery process.


If you actually make it to trial, you need an attorney with an extensive background record of success in court. They will have to select a jury that does not have any prejudices against you or your case. They will have to call witnesses and question them on the stand. They will also have to make you feel comfortable in the courtroom. You will only feel comfortable working with a personal injury attorney who has trial experience.

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