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Adrienne Hines featured in SuperMoney on Getting a Loan

“People who are retired, on fixed incomes, or who are disabled will struggle to rebuild their credit because your credit score complicates earning potential and debt-to-income ratio,” Hines said.

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Adrienne Hines featured in SuperMoney Article on Credit Limits

“Lenders rush to lend to people coming out of bankruptcy for a few reasons,” Hines said. “If someone has filed for bankruptcy, they cannot file again for eight years. This means they’re stuck with their new debt for a long time.”

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Adrienne Hines featured in SuperMoney Article on Bankruptcy

“Actually paying a bankruptcy lawyer is usually the biggest shocker for most people who are exploring their options under the federal bankruptcy system,” Hines said. “But once people understand the tremendous benefit they might experience, they borrow from friends or family, use tax refunds and bonuses, and sell things they own to file.”

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Adrienne Hines featured in Injury Expert Article on Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation can be a dizzying maze under the best circumstances. But those twists and turns grow more complicated when injured employees quit the workplace where they were hurt.

“A workers compensation claim is simply an insurance claim that is processed when someone is injured at work,” says Sandusky, Ohio-based workers comp lawyer Adrienne Hines.

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kademenos mention msn automatic stay

Adrienne Hines Featured In MSN Article About Automatic Stay

The U.S. News & World Report article that quoted Adrienne Hines, an Ohio bankruptcy attorney, was also published by MSN.

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kademenos mention us news automatic stays

Adrienne Hines Quoted in U.S. News & World Report Article About Automatic Stay

An automatic stay is provided via filing for bankruptcy. It legally and temporarily stops creditors from pursuing the money owed to them during the filing process.

In the article, “What Is an Automatic Stay?,” attorney Adrienne Hines shared why someone should file for bankruptcy before being served an eviction notice.

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kademenos mention the beacon kidzone

Attorneys Victor Kademenos and Adrienne Hines Donate to Local Kid Zone

A new Kid Zone for kids from ages 4 to 12 will now be available in downtown Port Clinton as a result of funding from Attorneys Victor Kademenos and Adrienne Hines.

It will provide several programs that facilitate summer family fun for residents in the Meals on Madison area.

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kademenos mention tingey law firm stray dog bites

Who’s Liable If You’re Bitten By A Stray Dog?

Attorney Kyle Wright was quoted in a crowdsourced article entitled, “If I’m bitten by a stray dog, who can I sue for liability? The city, animal control, or nobody at all?”

In the post, he shared how Ohio law would handle this personal injury. He stressed that the law might hold anyone or any organization that keeps or harbors the stray dog liable.

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kademenos mention lifesafer working from home

What COVID-19 Revealed About Working From Home

In a LifeSafer article, Criminal Defense Attorney, Troy Wisehart, shared the top three lessons he learned about remote work  during the pandemic.

His insights highlighted how clients reacted to the virtual-first switch in 2020 and shared how his firm’s legal support staff managed work-life balance during this time.

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kademenos mention upjourney bank accounts

The Number of Bank Accounts You Should Have and Why

Attorney Adrienne Hines shared in an UpJourney article that the number of bank accounts one should have truly depended on your financial situation. However, she suggested that having at least one checking account and one savings account was the best practice.

You can read more of her insights in the article entitled, “How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have and Why?”

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