Jury Acquits Port Clinton Man of Rape

Posted in: by Troy Wisehart

In Ohio, there are few criminal charges that are treated as seriously as sex crimes since a conviction can profoundly and endlessly impact someone’s life. For example, the stakes could not have been higher for a 54-year-old retiree from Port Clinton, who was accused of rape by a home health care aid that was caring for his two invalid grandchildren. While the man with no prior criminal history admitted that the two did have an interlude, he persisted that it was consensual, and he now found himself faced with the possibility of a very lengthy prison sentence and mandatory registration as a sex offender if he was ever released.

Confronted with such life-shattering consequences, the man who vehemently denied any wrongdoing sought out a qualified sex crimes attorney with Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA. Attorney Troy Wisehart took the man’s case and prepared to defend him at trial. The prosecution’s argument heavily relied upon genetic evidence found on the alleged victim’s shirt; however, attorney Wisehart’s independent investigation determined the prosecution’s tests stopped there despite finding additional material on the woman’s undergarments. After arguing this other material should also be tested, the prosecution was forced to conduct a more comprehensive examination. Essentially, it became clear that another person’s DNA was present, alluding to the victim engaging in sexual activity after being purportedly raped. Additionally, during the proceedings, attorney Wisehart pointed out inconsistencies in the woman’s story and highlighted that her desire to hide a consensual sexual encounter from her husband was a strong motive to make false accusations. After four days, arguments ceased, and due in large part to the passionate defense that he received, the jury returned a not guilty verdict within a few hours. In the end, the man was vindicated of these devastating charges, which allowed him to move on with the rest of his life as a free man.

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