Successful Settlement Of Over $350,000 For Family Of Deceased In Workers’ Comp Case

Posted in: by Adrienne Hines

An Ohio man in his 40s had fallen off of a ladder and struck his head while at work. The man survived for several hours but later passed away due to the serious injury he sustained. The attorneys at Kademenos, Wisehart, Hines, Dolyk & Wright Co. LPA were contacted for help in this tragic case.

Workers’ compensation attorney Adrienne Hines represented the family of the man during this difficult time. Hines was successful in bringing in a neurologist to review the coroner’s exam and performed a specialized deposition to discuss the level of brain function he had between the fall and his death. It was determined that he sustained the loss of use of both arms and legs due to the nature of his fall. Hines used the primary concept behind a similar case as the pushing force to prove this case.

Sensitive to the needs of her client, Hines managed to get a large settlement of over $350,000 for the family of the man. Death benefits were provided to the wife for the remainder of her life. Much like he had always wanted, his children will be able to go to college, the first in the family.

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