What Could Delay an Accident Injury Settlement?

After an injury accident, you might be ready for a check to help you cover your expenses and non-economic damages. You’ve started a claim against the at-fault party responsible for your injuries. You might feel like you’re at the finish line before your payout. However, it’s not uncommon for that payout to get delayed.

There could be several factors affecting your settlement timeline. Learn more about them and how a personal injury lawyer can help your situation.

What’s Delaying Your Settlement?

Insurance settlements after injury accidents, like car crashes or slip-and-fall cases, are not instantaneous. There will be a gap between your accident and a personal injury award. Each case is unique, but there are common reasons that can affect your settlement.

You’re Receiving Prolonged Medical Treatment

Depending on your situation, you could be receiving extensive medical care. For instance, car crashes can cause paralyzing injuries or nerve damage, which may require specialized treatment. When you’re waiting for a settlement, you and your attorney should discuss your “maximum medical improvement” (MMI). This is the point where your condition has improved as much as can be expected, even with further treatment.

You shouldn’t rush into settlement negotiations before you’ve reached your MMI, because the settlement may not cover the full extent of your injuries. Your attorney can negotiate a more accurate payout when you know what expenses you may need to cover in the future.

The Investigation into Your Accident is Ongoing

The complexity of accidents varies. Some are open and shut, while others require extensive investigations. Asking for a settlement before you know the full facts of the case could mean you’re leaving money on the table. For instance, if you were hurt while working on the job because of defective equipment, there could be several parties at fault. Your manager, employer, a coworker, or even the tool’s manufacturer could be liable for your injuries.

An investigation can help your attorney get the full picture of who or what caused your injuries so you can file an accurate insurance claim.

The Insurance Company is Stalling

Insurance companies like to claim they’re here for the consumer’s benefit when, in fact, they’re out for themselves. Insurance companies are profit-driven businesses. They want to make money for their shareholders. Payouts can take a while when an insurer doesn’t want to pay a large settlement for one of its policyholders.

Insurance companies have the resources to make a claimant wait for a payout, and they’ll keep you waiting to get you to accept any money at all.

The Negotiations Have Stalled

Some personal injury cases stall once the parties have started negotiating. There can be several areas for either party to create a dispute: fault, degree of liability, or actual damages are common examples. Insurance companies may offer lowball settlement amounts to restrict how much money they will actually pay.

Your attorney can help you recognize what’s delaying a negotiation and help you decide if you should take your case to trial.

Your Outstanding Bills Are Prioritized

Even if you’ve reached a settlement agreement, you may still be left waiting for a check. There will be entities who have a priority to recoup their expenses. Health insurance providers and medical providers often have a legal right to repayment from your settlement.

You’ll get your settlement once the funds have been properly disbursed. Your attorney can ensure that the funds get paid correctly so there isn’t trouble down the road.

How to Keep Your Settlement on Track

Injury accidents can disrupt your normal way of life. Even if it would be easier to accept a lower payout to simplify your life, you should work with a personal injury attorney to improve your chances of recovering the money that you’re owed after an accident.

Your attorney can help you keep track of minor details that could ultimately affect your settlement negotiations and help you prevent unnecessary delays. Lawyers can help their clients investigate their accidents, collect evidence, and build a case.

It’s easy for insurance companies to pressure injury victims who aren’t working with a personal injury lawyers. Insurers have the resources to wait you out: an attorney can keep them honest and on time.

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